Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing for Halloween 2011

I stumbled across a new (to me) blog today, Food Allergy Feast.

There are several entries about dealing with food allergies on Halloween, lots of great information.

It, of course, got me thinking about how we're going to handle Halloween this year.  This time last year, we were about 7 months into being a food allergy family.  We were getting to the point where we felt like we could handle things and keep Luke safe from his allergens.  I think also that Luke's age made me a little less nervous.  He wasn't quite 2 yet, and he was a bit easier to keep an eye on.  As it ended up, Luke didn't make it to trick-or-treating.  He went full force all day, and fell asleep right before we took Cody out to beg for candy.

This year though, I have a feeling things will be different.  Luke will be 3 soon.  Luke is a little wild man, hard to control and afraid of nothing.  He's also going through a pesky "I don't listen to nobody!" phase.  And did I mention that my husband has to work Halloween night?  So it'll just be me in charge of making sure Luke doesn't dig a fun size Snickers bar out of his Halloween tote and shove it in his mouth in the dark, where I can't see what he's doing.  Super.

The game plan:  We're taking the boys trick-or-treating in a small historical local town on Saturday afternoon.  They'll get to dress up, get some candy, and have fun with other kiddos.  The best part?  It'll be daylight, and my extra set of eyes and hands (husband) will be there.  I'm envisoning a candy bucket for him where you can drop candy in, but can't get it out (kidding...maybe?).  I'll bring my own stash of safe treats for him, so he doesn't feel like he's missing out on anything.  

Halloween night I'll still take Cody out, but will do my best to wear Luke out enough that he falls asleep before begging time rolls around, and can crash on nana and papa's couch again this year while we go out.  

I had such high hopes that he would pass both the peanut and egg challenge, and that we wouldn't be dealing with this again this year.  Maybe next year though.

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  1. I've got the same worry this year. I'm taking my kids to a few neighbors houses who always offer the bowl to them to pick what they would like, and then we are going to a local church carnival. This way it's light and I can see what they are being handed and can ask for a non-nut treat. My heart breaks for my son that I have to do this. :(