Monday, November 7, 2011

Public Service - Watch for Third Party Billers


I'm so mad, I'm almost in tears.

I noticed tonight that our current phone bill is higher than normal. We do paperless billing, so I logged in to see what the issue was.

I almost didn't notice, but finally did...there were two $13 charges from the same company. There's a blurb from Verizon stating that not paying those charges won't result in the phone being cut off. I googled the company name (I'd never heard of it), and found many results for them. It's a scam, called "cramming". They get your info, and bill you through your phone company as a 3rd party. It's typically smaller charges that most people don't notice, at least not for awhile. Ours is ILD Teleservices, INC, on behalf of Compufix, INC.

Results for this scam go back to at least 2008. People don't get their money back. I spoke with a woman named Karen Marks (at least that's what she told me) with Compufix, who said the account was canceled and "every cent" will be refunded. I'm not holding my breath. I called Verizon and requested a 3rd party biller block be put on our account. Verizon, other than issuing the block, was less than helpful. I'm trying to figure out where these companies are located, so I can file a complaint with that state's State Attorney General, but it seems that they move around a lot, so I'll just file with Virginia's AG.

I'm so MAD. How can people be so horrible? Targeting people who are just trying to survive. People who are struggling to get by as it is. Senior citizens, families living on 1 incomes, people dealing with high medical costs. There's a special kind of hell for people that are that heartless. They've gotten at least $100 from us since May. I need to dig out my previous paper phone bills to see if it went beyond that. That's at least $100 that could have gone towards us taking care of our children. How dare someone swoop in and steal it?

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