Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party - Peanut and Egg Free!

This past weekend we celebrated Luke's birthday with our extended family.

We chose a Toy Story theme for Luke because he's pretty much obsessed with it!

I admit, I probably go a bit overboard with indulging his interest in Toy Story, but what can I say?  It makes him talk!  Of the words that he has, many involve the Toy Story characters.  "Wewe" for Woody.  "Rek" for Rex.  Yee-haw was one of his first phrases.  A stuffed Rex and Alien live in his crib, they keep him company every night.  He loves his Toy Story peeps!

My original plan was to use pictures taken by a pro photographer to have invitations made, most likely by a seller at etsy.  But, the photographer took longer than I expected to get the pictures back to me, I waited until the last minute, and I ran out of time.  I ended up using Picnik, and my own picture, to make the invitations myself.  I was pretty happy with them considering it was the first time I'd ever done anything like that.

I went with cupcakes for Luke's party, using liners in green and blue.  I originally planned to use this recipe, Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling.  I made them this summer and they're amazing.  That was back when we thought eggs were ok though, so I had to either make the recipe egg free, or use something else.  I ended up using Food Allergy Mama's Classic Chocolate Cupcakes instead for the base, and the ganache recipe from the original one.  It worked out very well.

I made Luke's birthday shirt!  Well, ok, I bought the tshirt but I added the applique :)  I used the On the Go Children at Play collection in Navy, which I found at ...Etsy

 Printed a huge 3 on card stock, and used it as a pattern for the shirt.  A little Heat n' Bond lite to attach, sewed all around, and voila!

On the egg/peanut free menu...

Ham and Cheese Sliders (without the mayo)
Buffalo Chicken Bites (I didn't care for these, but I'm not a big blue cheese fan either.  Other people seemed to love them)

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