Thursday, December 15, 2011

Proud Moment - Tolerance

I'm pretty much always proud of my boys. They are {usually} as well behaved as you can expect boys their age to be. They are {usually} courteous, polite and just generally decent kids. Sometimes though something happens that makes me feel even more proud than usual.

I usually leave Cody at home with my husband when I take Luke to speech on Mondays and Wednesdays. It gives Cody a chance to have alone time with his dad. Every once in awhile though he will ask to come with us.

Last week he came along, and while we were in the waiting room during Luke's session, Cody pulled out a toy train track set and started putting it together. After awhile, a little boy came into the waiting room following his speech therapy, and while his mom talked with the therapist, the boy started playing with the train track.

Watching Cody with the little boy made me so proud. The little boy is a year younger than Cody, but his speech is very hard to understand. He also has other health issues that cause him to not always act as a typical four year old would. Cody was very patient with him, did not become frustrated when the boy took the toys from him, and when the boy spoke to him, Cody took the time to listen and try to understand, and answered him.

I see similar actions a lot between Cody and Luke. Cody is unbelievably patient with Luke. I call him a little daddy sometimes, because he is always so aware of Luke, making sure Luke is ok, worrying about Luke when he gets hurt, and just generally being an awesome big brother.

As someone that was teased a lot in school, one of my goals before I even became a mom was to raise children that are tolerant of other people and their differences. I never wanted my children to be the ones to tease others for being different. I wanted my kids to be the ones that were able to look past those differences and see the person for who they were - a person just like them. Seeing Cody with the little boy made me realize that he's well on his way.

I'm linking up to The MOB Society's Let's Hear it for the Boys.

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