Saturday, January 28, 2012

2:1 Conference

Why I Want to Attend the 2:1 Conference

The Homeschool Classroom is hosting a giveaway for one ticket to the 2:1 Conference and so I am going to touch on why I want to go.

The biggest reason is that I want to be the best homeschool mom that I can be. The lineup for speakers at the conference is amazing. Carisa from 1+1+1=1 one of the speakers that I am most looking forward to hearing. Her blog, after all, is the one that made me realize that I really could homeschool my boys and has been a huge help in our homeschooling journey.

Another reason is that I feel the encouragement that would come from the conference will be huge for me. I'm 99% sure we will homeschool next year, but next year will bring new challenges as I will also begin homeschooling Luke for preschool. Two boys, one with special needs, at the same time. Who wouldn't need encouragement?

And finally, when I learned that the 2:1 Conference was going to be within driving distance of my home I was so very excited. I have yet to go to a homeschooling conference. Our decision to homeschool this year came after all the conferences had already ended. As I look into the various homeschooling conventions for this year, the majority are quite a distance away. With Luke's needs, me traveling to a conference is not an option. So for one to be so close to home is an amazing opportunity.

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