Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 7 Lies about Homeschooling

This is a hilarious video, it goes over the top 7 lies about homeschooling!

I love how he points out that there are shy kids in public schools (I was one of them)

How he points out that if being "sheltered" means not being introduced to sex, drugs and violence in middle school, then being "sheltered" isn't so bad.

And my favorite - pointing out that a world without Lady Gaga isn't so bad =)

And finally, I'd like to add something to my reasons of "Why I Love Homeschooling".

I'm learning things that I never learned in public school.  Not because I didn't pay attention, but because it was never covered.  Last week we learned about knights and castles.  It ended up being one of Cody's favorite unit studies from everything that we've done, and I enjoyed it greatly as well.

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