Friday, February 3, 2012

Developmental Pediatrician - Follow Up

Today we made the trip into Bethesda, MD for our follow-up visit with Dr. Conlon.  The appointment went well - the doctor was pleased with the progress that Luke has made in the last 6 months.  Not just verbally, but also fine motor.  He noted a couple of small delays with some skills that he tested, but nothing major to be concerned with.  Just some things that I need to work on with him.

We talked about the sensory issues.  The doctor wants us to see an occupational therapist, but he sees the sensory issues more as a side effect of Apraxia (which is super common) than being it's own disorder.  So, no diagnosis.  He doesn't feel that Luke needs a lot of visits with an OT, just a couple to mostly teach me how to work with him at home. 

Luke gained 4lbs, and grew some, since the last appointment.  He's up to a whopping 2 percentile for weight!  Whoohoo!  Ha!  He's less than 2 percentile for height.  And his head circumference was 52 percentile.  So basically he has a tiny body and a normal size head.  Cody says it makes him a bobblehead =)  His growth curve doesn't seem to point to any hormonal issues causing his small size (according to the doctor), but Dr. C. wants us to take him to an endocrinologist to be sure.  So that will be our next venture I guess.

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