Monday, February 13, 2012

Speaking and Occupational Therapy

Luke has some new words and phrases! This week he started saying "mama needs that" and "morning". He also has some new approximations, such as "Oreo". Sometimes it takes a little bit to understand what the approximations are for, but it's exciting.

I've noticed also this week that he has been struggling to get some words out. It's heartbreaking to watch and listen to.

I am so proud of him. He works so hard and almost never gets frustrated. He will repeat what he's trying to get us to understand until we do understand.

Luke had an evaluation this week for occupational therapy. He saw the practice that his developmental pediatrician recommended. I went in with two necessities in mind. 1. They had to take our insurance, no having to submit our own claim and 2. We had to be able to get a regular session time either before or after one of his twice a week speech sessions, as his speech is across the street. Amazingly, both worked out so I think it was meant to be. Luke will receive OT every Monday for 50 mins before speech, as long as it doesn't cause problems with him tolerating both. Speech most definitely takes a priority, so if he has trouble getting through speech following OT we'll have to re-evaluate.

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