Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Exponential Growth"

That is the term Luke's speech therapist used to describe his speech progress yesterday.

Let me just say I was an emotional mess yesterday, but for a good reason.  It started during the drive to speech therapy.   Luke and I had our first extended conversation.   He wanted to stop at the McDonald's play place.  I said we couldn't.  His response? "Why Mommy?".  To which I responded, we have to go to speech, Ms. Ginny is waiting for us.   His response to that? "Ohhh, Ginny!".  And so we went back and forth for a good couple of minutes.  It was by far the most back and forth that we've ever had.   Best part?   Most of his speech was understandable.

When I picked him up after his speech session, his SLP was emotional herself.  She began the conversation talking about how she feels he has had an exponential growth in speech over the last couple of weeks.  She talked about having a conversation with him (her first also), about one of the toys (a bubble blowing toy lawn mower...the noise scares him, and he was able to tell her that, and that he didn't want to play with it).  She talked about how it's kids like Luke that make her want to do the job that she does.  How rewarding it is to see a child go from his words being locked away, to having the freedom to express himself.  She talked about how smart Luke is, and how he is becoming more and more comfortable with her using PROMPT on him.

Needless to say, by the end of the conversation both of us were working hard to fight back happy tears.

When I was putting Luke into his carseat, I lost it, began to cry. Luke looked at me and just said, "why mommy?".  Then hugged me. 

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