Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apraxia Update

Luke has been plugging along on the apraxia front. He continues to amaze me on a daily basis. I have completely lost track of how many words and phrases he can say. The boy loves to sing. His favorite activity right now is to turn on Cody's iPod and play music. Ryan and I went to a Josh Thompson/Justin Moore concert a few weeks ago, and Luke has been obsessed with their music ever since. Every time Luke requests Josh Thompson by name I want to sit down and write Mr. Thompson a letter telling him how awesome he is for making music that my little guy loves so much that it prompts him to say new words. Luke sings along with the songs. He doesn't get every word, but he gets a lot of them. He asks for songs by name (Blame it on Waylon is a favorite). He gets mad at me if I don't get the iPod playing fast enough in the car, and even more mad if I have the nerve to turn the music down. And if a song comes on that he doesn't like? You better change it quick. He has also decided that Eric Church and 311 are pretty darn awesome too.

 All that being said, he still has a long way to go. I can understand most of what he says, other people (including my husband at times) struggle to understand. Luke hit his first real wall with PROMPT, and it came in the form of words such as kick, make, etc. He has trouble making sounds with the back of his tongue (go ahead, say'll understand what I mean). His name of course falls into that sound category, so he's still calling himself "Nute" most of the time. It will be an exciting day the first time he can say his name correctly! We're working hard on it though, and I have no doubt that he'll get it.

 His SLP recently raised some concerns about his visual tracking abilities. His actual vision is fine, but she feels that he may have trouble with tracking, sequencing, etc. This would of course affect his reading abilities in the future, so I was pretty upset to learn this. She's wonderful though, and came up with some goals to help him through it. Thankfully there are easy exorcises that can be done at home, so I'm adding those activities to our preschool activities.

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