Monday, October 8, 2012

Time Flies

I knew it had been awhile since I last posted, but didn't realize it had been over a month. Good grief!  We've been staying very busy, and I've been sick for the past month with an annoying cough that won't leave me alone.  I guess that pretty much sums up my lack of posting here. 

Both boys have been in sports for about a month now.   They're both on Wednesdays, at different locations.  But the timing/distance of the locations worked out perfectly.   Luke is taking t-ball and Cody is taking gymnastics.  I'm not sure what we'll move on to after, but it will be something active again.   I'm hoping they'll be interested in getting back into swim lessons soon. 

Cody joined Cub Scouts!  We're still getting into the swing of things, but he's loving it.  I'm enjoying it too.  We've met some very nice people, and the boys in his pack all seem to be good kids.  Cody and I went to our first popcorn sale this past weekend and it was amazing to watch him go from shy when we first got there, to turning into this amazing little salesman pretty quickly.  I was one proud mama! 

Homeschooling Cody is going well.  He's starting to get bored with the curriculum that we started out with, so I'm changing some things up in hopes that I won't need to find new curriculum.  I still haven't officially started preschool with Luke.   Partly because of me not feeling well, but mostly because he has hit a section of speech therapy that he's not breezing through like he had been doing for the last few months.  He's still progressing, it's just taking some extra effort.  So we've been focusing on the homework that his SLP sends home.   She recently suggested that I purchase a few books from the First Sounds Series.   They are written by speech therapists and feature lots of repetition for the sounds that the individual book focuses on.   She suggested we get Tom's Toes Can, Cow Cake and Too Big!.  Luke LOVES these books.  They really makes practicing easy, I highly recommend them. 

Finally, we trialed almonds at home with success!  We started out with Barney's Almond Butter in smooth and Luke is a big fan of it.  The crunchy is almost as good as crunchy peanut butter so I'm pretty happy too!  The other nuts are proving to be a bit more difficult to find without a peanut/other tree nut warning. I did find a small bag of pecans at Trader Joe's without a warning, and the plan is to make some kind of cookies for next Sunday.   I'm very particular about when we trial.  I won't trial if Luke is not in 100% good health.  He had a cold for a week or so, and I wouldn't do it then.  Partially because I want his body to be in the best health possible in case he does have a reaction, and partly because I don't want to be watching him wondering if his nose is running because of the cold or if it's because he's having a reaction.   I also won't trial unless my husband is home from work for the entire day, and I prefer to trial at my parent's house so that if we do have to make an ER trip, Cody can stay with them.


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