Friday, January 18, 2013

Still Here and Where I've Been

I guess you could say I took a bit of a break. I have a good reason though!

We're expecting baby #3!  I found out right before Christmas.  Early December was a little sad for me.  We lost a baby in mid May at 9 weeks, and my due date would have been 12/24.  I prayed and prayed that I would be pregnant again before Christmas, but I wasn't feeling very hopeful as December approached.   I finally decided that I could either choose to enjoy Christmas and be happy, or I could choose to dwell over what was making me sad, and not enjoy the holidays.  I chose to be happy.

A few days before Christmas, I decided to take a pregnancy test.   I didn't have any symptoms, I just felt like I should.  Sure enough, it was positive almost right away!  We announced it to everyone pretty quickly.  I know some people prefer to wait until the risk of miscarriage isn't so high, but I look at it differently.   After having two miscarriages, I look at telling everyone as a way to celebrate and enjoy every single minute of each pregnancy, no matter what may happen.

We did have a scare around week 6, when I started spotting.  I was convinced that another miscarriage was in the works.  Thankfully an ultrasound at 8 weeks showed us a healthy baby, and we were able to see our little bit's heartbeat.   Beautiful sight! I'll admit, I cried.

 I am now 9w1d.  I feel pretty good, other than a horrible cold that I'm fighting.  Up until a couple days ago I was exhausted   I haven't had to nap in 2 days, so I'm hoping that phase is over!  For cravings, so far it's been pears, BLT's and tomato sandwiches.   I may or may not have had a tomato sandwich at 5am today.

I go in the first week of February for a NT scan.   I'll be over 35 when this bub is born, so I get to do some extra testing.   I've learned though that it's basically a long ultrasound and you usually get some really good pictures of the little bit, so I'm looking forward to it :)  I'm due somewhere in mid August. My due date is still a bit of a mystery thanks to my long cycles (happens every pregnancy), but we should have a concrete one after the NT scan.

The boys are excited, though they both insist that we have to have another boy.   I'm perfectly fine with that, and would be perfectly fine with a little girl.   People assume that we're having #3 in hopes of a girl, but that's not true.  The thought of having 3 little boys makes me want to cry.  Not in a bad way, in a very happy way.  I would love to have a daughter too though, just as much. So I guess that makes it a win-win situation for me :)


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  1. Three boys would be super awesome, you're right! :) Cody and Luke are going to be great big brothers no matter what, though. Hugs to you, mama, and best wishes for a happy and healthy nine months - and hopefully to goodness we'll be able to get together before your new little squishie is born! :)