Thursday, June 13, 2013

Apraxia - Unexpected Break From Speech

Last Thursday Luke's SLP surprised me with the suggestion that we take a break from speech.  We had just come back from being gone for vacation, and it kind of felt like it came out of no where.  Her reasoning was that Luke's attention has gotten to the point where he's not able to focus enough during their sessions to benefit from them.  She had mentioned to me on and off over the last few months that his attention was sometimes a problem, but I still never expected this.  It's not a short break either...we're done with PROMPT until around his 5th birthday in November.

I left there very upset.  I had hopes of being done with speech soon, but my hopes were more along the lines of DONE.  As in he's doing so well we don't need speech anymore.  So to be told that he was no longer progressing in speech due to other issues that have come up, was upsetting.  The other thing that upset me was she suggested getting him into Child Find.  Our experience with Child Find almost 2 years ago was far from positive, and I have no interest in going that route again. 

Any parent that has been dealing with Apraxia for awhile knows that other obstacles often go along with an Apraxia diagnosis.  Sensory Processing, Fine Motor, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.  Sensory issues have been suggested for him in the past, and on Thursday, his SLP mentioned ADHD.  I'm not going to go into it too much, but we have had concerns at home too.  The last thing I want to do is jump to any kind of label for him, especially since he's still only 4 years old.  But I also want to do right by him, and make sure that he receives any help that he needs.

Adding to my frustration, we don't have a developmental pediatrician anymore.  Our last visit was last August, the doctor we were seeing then now works for Kaiser, and we can no longer see him.  After my talk with the SLP, I was upset with myself for not finding another doctor before now.  But there's nothing that can be done about that.  So I first contacted Children's National, only to be told that they're so booked they're not taking new patients for the foreseeable future.  S.u.p.e.r.  In that moment, I was right back to where I started 2 years ago when I was desperately trying to find someone to say yes or no to the Apraxia diagnosis.  I refuse to sit back and do nothing, to let time waste away.  I finally found The Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD.  No appointments before November, but it's better than nothing.

So we're faced with what to do between now and then?  My biggest concern is to not let his speech regress.  He has come SO far, I hate the idea of any of it going to waste.  So I'll be working with him at home some, using apps on the iPad, and some printables that I've found through Pinterest.  My other goal is to work on his attention.  He goes from one activity to another very quickly, and my hope is to extend the amount of time he'll spend on one thing.  We're also getting him involved in sports to provide an outlet for his energy, and to get him in group settings more.  Finally, through preschool, I plan to work on sensory and fine motor issues using Montessori style activities.


2013-2014 Curriculum

I started buying the next year's curriculum earlier than I normally would, as with the baby coming, we'll start the school year early. My plan is to get 5 or 6 weeks of school in, then take a month or so off around the time the baby is born. This is so that we won't risk not finishing the year until next July :)

Second Grade - Cody

Language Arts:

The Reading Lesson - we'll finish this up pretty quick
Explode the Code - Finish Book 3 and start Book 4
Wordly Wise A
All About Spelling1
Language Smarts C


Horizons - Finish Book 2 from Grade 1, then move on to Grade 1 books 1 and 2  

Science: Evan-Moor Read and Understand Science Grades 2-3  

Geography: Evan-Moor Daily Geography Grade 2  

History: Beautiful Feet Books Early American History  

Misc: Five in a Row

Preschool - Luke

Pre-K Printable Packs
Misc Preschool Workbooks
Lots of Fine Motor practice
Focusing on letter sounds, beginning handwriting, preschool math


2012-2013 Curriculum Recap

Now that we're done with First Grade, I thought I would go back and look at what we stuck with, and what we changed for curriculum.

Phonics/Language Arts:

All About Reading 1 - We finished this before the end of the school year, and went back to The Reading Lesson, which we had started in Kindergarten
Explode the Code book 2 - Finished, and started Book 3Cody isn't a huge fan of ETC, but I love it, so it's pretty much the only thing that I insist that he work on, even though he sometimes complains.
First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind - Eh, no.  Neither of us wanted to continue with this.
Added in Daily 6 Trait Grade 1Wasn't my favorite choice, but we finished it. 

Lots of reading!


Singapore 1A/1B Standards - Scrapped this after a few months, and went with Horizons Grade 1.
Daily Word Problems, Grade 1 Math  - Did the first 13 weeks before dropping it.  Horizons covers word problems very well so it was redundant. 


Handwriting Without Tears, Grade 1, My Printing Book - We're still working on finishing this.  Handwriting is not Cody's favorite, his hand tires pretty quickly.  He got plenty of practice through Explode the Code so I didn't push this.


We will be studying early American History starting with the explorers, and going as far as we can.  My plan is to get to early westward exploration.  This will be done with living books, very relaxed and fun.  Hoping to fit in many field trips!  May also do some ancient history using Story of the World I, as suggested in Home Learning Year by Year. - We never touched Story of the World.  We covered basic early American History through Living Books. 


Daily Geography Practice, Grade 1  - Love, love, love this!  We did make a change of doing Geography once a week, instead of daily. 


Five in a Row, Before Five in a Row - This covers many subjects such as science, art, language arts, math, geography and history.  - We did a few units here and there.

Various printables and worksheets to add variety. - Printables are a bit hit here.

Field trips, field trips, field trips!  I hope to make good use of all the great field trip opportunities in our area this year. - Um, no.  That will change for 2nd grade.

You'll notice science is missing.  We did very little, will slowly add it in for 2nd grade.  

Added in - Cody took Gymnastics in the fall, and Drama in the spring.  

This was our first year having to take the required end of year test, and Cody did VERY well.  98 percentile in math!  94 percentile in language!  I was quite pleased :)