Thursday, August 29, 2013

Levi is Here!

After months of waiting, the newest member of our family is here! Levi entered the world via c-section on August 8th, at 11:08pm. He weighed 6lbs4oz, and was 18" long. 

 My due date was originally August 26th, and I still feel that was the correct due date. Early in the pregnancy, ultrasound changed the due date to 8/22. My c-section was originally scheduled for 8/21, 2 days after my OB would return from a missionary trip to Africa. My OB sent me for a final ultrasound a few weeks before her trip, as she felt the baby was large. It showed him as being average size though, so she decided to stick with the 8/21 date. About a week later though, the radiologist contacted her and said he felt my due date should be 8/16, and that the fluid levels were a little low. Because of this, she changed my c-section date to 8/9. 

I had my last doctor appointment scheduled for the morning of 8/8. I was up sick the night before, unable to sleep with horrible stomach pains. I felt very "off" at my doctor appointment, and started having some very sporadic contractions while there. She told me at that appointment that they changed my c/s time from 1:30 on the afternoon 9th to 7:30 the morning of the 9th. Which meant we had to be at the hospital by 5am. My husband works nights, not getting home until about 2am, so I knew he would be thrilled :) 

That afternoon my husband dropped our two boys off at my parents' house on his way to work, since we had to be up so early the next day. That gave me the afternoon and evening to myself at home. I didn't know what to do with myself! I was missing my boys badly, and still not feeling very well, so I didn't do much of anything. I watched a little of a movie, then switched to the Redskins pre-season game. Around 8:00 I called my parents to say goodnight to the boys, and around 8:40 I decided to go to bed. I got up, started turning lights off, let the dogs out, then went to get ready for bed. That's when I realized my pants were soaked. And then the gushing started. My water had broken! I called my OB who was super excited to learn that we would be doing the c/s that night instead of super early the next day. I pretty much made her night :) Then I called my husband, who's first reaction was "nuh uh!", and then I called my parents. 

 I threw my hospital bag in my car and headed for the hospital. Yes, I drove myself. I wasn't having contractions, and it didn't occur to me that I shouldn't drive. Everyone has been shocked to learn this, but it turned out ok! During this, my water continued to gush. I guess if I'm going to have my water break, it might as well break really well right? My husband got to the hospital about the same time as me, and we went in through the ER before being taken to L&D. 

My experience in L&D was awesome. My nurses were all great.  They did an excellent job getting me prepped, and finally it was time to walk into the OR. The epidural experience wasn't as great. The team was wonderful, but they had trouble getting it in. It took two sticks before it finally worked. I was sweating by the time they were done! The c/s itself went really well. Levi came out screaming mad, and my awesome nurse took some great pictures of the three of us. Once in recovery, they brought Levi in to be with me. My first two boys I didn't get to see until I was in my post-partum room, so this made me extra happy. The rest of the stay was pretty uneventful. We went home 2 days after he was born, and he has been the world's easiest baby. I am so very blessed. 

Ok, enough blabbing. Picture time! 

Meeting for the first time
Hello Levi!
Proud big brother Cody
Proud big brother Luke
Newborn photos, 1 week old

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